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Tuesday October 16th



Welcome Cocktail

Real Alcázar de Sevilla, Patio de Banderas »


Access - Puerta del Apeadero



Wednesday October 17th


08:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:50 Official opening

Dña. Ornella Chacón. Presidenta de Puertos del Estado

D. Manuel Gracia. Presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla

D. Felipe López. Consejero de Fomento y Vivienda de la Junta de Andalucía

Dña. Carmen Castreño. Primera teniente-alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla

D. Francisco Esteban. Presidente de la Asociación Técnica de Puertos y Costas (ATPYC)

D. Geoffroy Caude. Presidente de PIANC

10:50-11:30 1st Presentation. Invited from Sevilla

Towards a sustainable port model: strategic plan, Port of Seville 2025

  Ángel Pulido. Director de la Autoridad Portuaria Sevilla
  Chair: Francisco Esteban Lefler
11:30-12:00 Coffee break



Chair: Ana Lope Carvajal


1st Paper. 

Presentation WG176: A guide for applying working with nature to navigation infrastructure projects


Paul Scherrer. French representative to EnviCom/Former Deputy General Manager at Port of Le havre Authority


2nd Paper.

Sustainable management of ports, estuaries and coastal front by applying the PIANC Working with nature WwN Philosophy- Showcases


Elmar Fuchs. Senior Consultant Dep. Ecologial Interations. German federal Institute of Hydrology. German representative to EnviCom


3rd Paper.

From sustainability to the adaptive management of the maintenance dredging project in the Ria del Guadalquivir


Antonio Bejarano. Jefe de Unidad de Medioambiente de la  Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla


4th Paper.

Building with Nature-An alternative engineering approach for sustainable port development


Fokko Van der Goot. Programme and environmental engineer Boskalis


5th Paper.

Proposal of Implementation of the philosophy "Working with Nature" to projects of nautical infrastructure for recreation and tourism


Esteban Biondi. Associate principal ATM Engineering


6th Paper.

Life REMoPaF Project: Recovery of mollusk patella ferruginea in danger of extinction


Natalia García. Gestor de proyectos de la Gerencia de Desarrollo Sostenible y Consultoría. Acciona Ingeniería


Lunch break


Caixaforum »



  Chair: Gonzalo Gómez Barquín

7th Paper.

Anse du Portier in Monaco: an urban offshore extension in a sensitive environment


Pierre Aristaghes. Maritime Works Technical Director Bouygues


8th Paper.

The transformation of the integration between Port and City  in the Port of Eivissa


Juan Carlos Plaza. Director de la Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares


9th Paper.

Marinas construction in areas  of highly environmentally sensitive (case studies)


Manuel González. CEO UG 21 Consultores de Ingeniería, S.L


10th Paper.

Environmental aspects in the works of the railway access to Escombreras Basin


Fermin Rol Rol. Director de la Autoridad Portuaria de Cartagena


11th Paper.

Design and construction of new jetty  in Las Palmas Port


Noelia González. Jefe del Servicio de Obras Marítimas. Gravity Engineering


12th Paper.

Seismic analysis of anchored sheet piles


Arcadi Sanmartín. Director de Proyectos. SENER


13th Paper.

Pilote-Sheet System a new alternative for quays


Emilio García. Jefe Departamento Servicios Portuarios. Autoridad Portuaria de A Coruña


Congress Dinner

Casa Guardiola, Puerta de Jerez 5 »




Thursday October 18th




  Chair: Alessandro Romano

14th Paper. 

Application of the IH2VOF numerical to evaluate forces on (flood) walls and buildings by wave overtopping


Giorgio Bellotti. Professor of Design Harbours. Department of Engineering, Roma Tre University. Universidad Tre de Roma


15th Paper.

Analysis of operational limits for the permanence of vessels moored in the CEPSA dock(Algeciras) .On site measurements and prediction model


Jose Ramón Iribarren. Director General Siport21


16th Paper.

New approach to mainstreaming environmental permitting to boost private investmenin industrial and logistics zone


Renaud Paubelle. Directeur de l'Aménagement Port of Marseille Fos


17th Paper.

Project AIRIS-PS for the implementation of the RIS (River Information Services), in the Port of Seville in the Ria del Guadalquivir


Pedro Vila. Director de proyectos. SENER

10:20-11:00 2nd Presentation. Invited from PIANC Italy
  The new regulatory framework for port infrastructure in Italy "National strategic plan and new guidelines for port masterplans" 
  Andrea Ferrante. Miembro del Consejo Superior de Obras Públicas en el Ministerio de Infraestructura y Transporte. Italia.
11:00-11:30 Coffee break


  Chair: Ángel Pulido Hernández
11:30-12:10 3rd Presentation. Invited from Working With Nature
  Todd S. Bridges. Ph.D.Senior Research Scientist U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

18th Paper.

Environmental management for dredged material in the Port of Huelva


Rocío López-Picón. Jefe de la División de Medio Ambiente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva


19th Paper.

Dredging at Port of Cariño. Category C with geochemical anomalies material management 


Juan Antonio Rodríguez Pardo. Jefe de Departamento de Proyectos y Obras. Portos de Galicia


20th Paper.

Gironde XL: an exampleof howstuarine scientific research can improve dredging and navigation operations in port


Fabrice Klein. Direction of the Strategy and Development.Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux


21th Paper.

Multidisciplinary analysis of the Guadalquivir estuary: Towards an integrated strategy with environmental sustainability approach


Jose Carlos García. Catedrático de biolgía marina de la Universidad de Sevilla


22th Paper.

Environmental techniques on maritime-fluvial areas: Delta de L'Ebre and Llobregat Delta low river basin case study


Jordi Galofré. Jefe del Servicio de Proyectos y Obras Demarcación de Costas en Tarragona. MAPAMA


23th Paper.

Small coastal protrusions and their formal design with landscape


Ana María Castañeda. Jefe del Servicio de Proyectos y Obras, Demarcación de costas en Cataluña. MAPAMA

14:30 Bus departure from the venue
15:00 Lunch break
  Cruise Terminal - Port of Seville. Muelle Delicias »
16:15 Visit Port of Seville
18:30 End of the visit in Hotel NH Sevilla Plaza de Armas




Friday October 19th




  Chair: Fabrice Daly

24th Paper

Towards green ports through the integration of renewable energies


Javier Abanades. Responsable hidrodinámico de proyectos renovables offshore Typsa


25th Paper.

Reinforcement of the breakwater of Port of Bermeo


Néstor Urrutxua. Responsable área ingeniería martítima. Typsa


26th Paper.

Climate services for marine operations in offshore wind farms


Jared Ortiz-Angulo. Consultor, Mc Valnera


27th Paper.

Ocurrence of time clustering of wave storms in the Mediterranean Sea: a spatial analysis


Alessandro Romano. Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, La Sapienza University, Rome

10:20-11:00 4th Presentation. Invited from PIANC France

"Port and logistic axis Méditerranée-Rhône-Saône"


Renaud Paubelle. Directeur de l'Aménagement Port of Marseille Fos

11:00-11:30 Coffee break


  Chair: Manuel Arana Burgos

28th Paper.

Report of MarCom WG 161 – Interaction between offshore wind farms and maritime navigation 


Rosa Mª Pérez González. Ingeniero Senior de proyectos de Siport21


29th Paper.

Webgigs platform for seismic risk assessment of maritime port systemas in Italy


Francesca Bozzoni, Eucentre. Senior researcher within department of risk scenarios. (EUCENTRE)


30th Paper.

Sustainable steel solutions for port infrastructure


Joao Martins, Arcelor. Technical Marketing Manager Arcelor Mittal


31th Paper.

Combination of geophysical and geotechnical analysis to generate a ground model in the southern area of ​​Isla Verde at Port of Algeciras


Amadeu Deu. Director técnico de IGEOTEST


32th Paper.

New tool for port design: port modelling system. Infrastructure module (SMP v0)


Antonio Tomás. Investigador, IH Cantabria


33th Paper.

A pioneering climate risk management study for the Port of Manzanillo, Mexico


Chris Coleby. Senior Environmental Scientist, WorleyParsons

13:30 Closing
13:45 Closing Cocktail
  Caixaforum »



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